Joseph C. Phillips

“He Talk Like a White Boy” By Joseph C. Phillips

“He Talk Like a White Boy” By Joseph C. Phillips – Joseph Connor Phillips is an actor and a commentator, and little did we know that he also wrote his own book entitled He Talk Like a White Boy. This book is an autobiography and was published in 2006. The book has been the talk of the town and there is no doubt that you also need to read this book.

– He Talk Like a White Boy
Not many people can be honest and brave enough to talk about authenticity in public. But here, Joe shows us that it is not something to be covered and is brave enough to talk about it directly in his book. If we are talking about the title of the book, actually it already says about what he writes in the book.

Joe stated that the title of the book came from his real experience. He was in eighth grade at that time and when he was saying something in the class, a black girl commented that he was talking like a white boy. He doesn’t really hear it once, but many times and it makes him think about lots of things related to this issue.

He believes that the accusation is very unreasonable because people put labels on it. He believes that we are equal when we are talking about the same things and we can put the label aside because actually, lots of people have the same thoughts about the things.

– Joe’s Views on Authenticity
The main reason why he wants to raise this issue is because people put labels on everything, including authenticity, and fewer people are brave enough to talk about it. He wants people to put aside that thought and focus more on the love of the country, faith, marriage, and their children because all of them are more important than deciding whether someone is black or not. When playing online Poker games, you also don’t need to put a label on everything because everyone is equal and has the same chance of winning at https://www.linuxiso.org.

Joe doesn’t only talk about his life in this book. He also shares his thoughts on faith, family, politics, and authenticity, and you can learn a lot from those topics or even reshape your beliefs.

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