Secrets of Joseph C. Philips You Might Have Never Heard About1

Secrets of Joseph C. Philips You Might Have Never Heard About

Secrets of Joseph C. Philips You Might Have Never Heard About – As one of the most famous actors in United States, there are a lot of things that many people have learned from Joseph C. Phillips. He got his attention from his role in one of the greatest soap opera in United States, the Cosby Show. Even though there are a lot of information that you can get from the internet, there are some information about him that only few people have learned about. Here are some of those secrets of Joseph C. Philips that you might have never heard about.

– He Is Very Smart
The first one that you need to know is the fact that he is very smart. When you are watching the Cosby Show, you might think that most of the actors are doing silly and funny things. Yet, to do so, you need your brain that work nonstop. That is one thing that only Joseph C. Philips has. For your information, many people know that he graduated from the New York University. He took the acting class in this university. However, there are not many people who know that he studied in University of Pacific before he joined the New York University. The other thing that shocked the world is the fact that he was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. It is not something that a common people can join.

– The Ambassador of Sickle Cell Disease Association
Being an ambassador is one thing that you can be proud of. The same thing is applied for Joseph C. Philips. He was an ambassador of an organization called Sickle Cell Disease Association. This is the kind of world organization that reacts based on the condition of the sickle cell disease. For your information, this kind of disease is not that dangerous because the disease only affects the red blood cell of the victims. Even though, the worst scenario is that your body will not be able to produce the proper red blood cell that you need.

Secrets of Joseph C. Philips You Might Have Never Heard About

– Appointed by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Being an African American Advisory Board is not a simple matter. To make it harder, Joseph C. Philips got that position for the Republican National Committee. However, one thing that he loves from that situation was because he was appointed by the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, at that time Arnold Schwarzenegger was the board governor. That is why Joseph C. Philips was appointed directly by him.

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