The Best Achievements of Joseph C. Philips

The Best Achievements of Joseph C. Philips

The Best Achievements of Joseph C. Philips – As one of the greatest stars in United States, it is not a secret anymore that Joseph C. Philips has a lot of movies or serials that he starred. That is why the name of this African actor was quite famous on the 1990s up to the beginning of 2000s. As one of the biggest stars at that time, there are a lot of achievements that Joseph C. Philips has achieved. Some of them are considered as some of the best that are worthy to remember. Here are some of them.

– The Cosby Show
His name as one of the main actors in the Cosby Shows really put a shine on it. It is because there were not many actors with a great acting capability as Joseph C. Philips. As the result, his acting in the Cosby Shows attracted a lot of attention from many people around the world. Yes, he starred as the one and only Lt. Martin Kendall on this show. Not only that, he also has that role for three consecutive seasons. It was from the beginning of 1989 to the mid of 1992. Being the main characters in an amazing soap opera for three seasons is not an easy matter at that time.

– General Hospital
His amazing act in the Cosby Show have finally fruited. Since the last time he starred in the Cosby Show in 1992, there are some other TV series, drama, or even movie that he starred. However, the next achievement that he will never forget is his role in General Hospital. Even though he was being silly and funny in the Cosby Show, his role as Juntus Ward is not a game anymore. It is because he was doing his best to change his role from the previous Lt. Martin Kendal to the Juntus Ward. Some people said that it is an upside down role, but he did it nicely.

The Best Achievements of Joseph C. Philips1

– Outstanding Actor Nomination
The last one is actually not the kind of series or drama that he starred. That is because after General Hospital, he played in some dramas and soap operas as the recurring star or supporting actor. However, his last amazing act in General Hospital gave him the nomination as the outstanding actor or daytime soap opera. For the nomination list and information you also can search at Starting from the first season to the third season, he always got the nomination as the outstanding actor. Unfortunately, even he was nominated for the consecutive years, he did not win any of them.

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