Joseph C. Phillips Talks about being Late on the Site

Joseph C. Phillips Talks about being Late on the Site

Joseph C. Phillips Talks about being Late on the Site – Losing a mother can be very sad, but it will be a very different story when your mother leaves the world by committing suicide. That is what Joseph C. Phillips felt when his mother left his side when he was young. Not sad enough, but depressed. This actor dared to talk about this on his personal website.

My Mother Suicide: The Birth of the Gray Lady
But this title is too interesting to pass up. Yes, this is a story about when his mother took his own life. The actor was in middle school when it happened and left a deep scar in his heart. It was never easy for little Phillips, but he bravely shared stories with the rest of the world through his website.

He began his story with how the relationship between him and his mother. Unlike other child and mother relationships, she is not close enough to him and she is driven out of the house and forced to live with her father.

At that time, her mother experienced severe depression and mood swings. The situation gets worse when his girlfriend never calls him again and leaves him hanging. News of her ex-husband, Phillips’s father, remarried also made his condition worse. At one point, he decided to take his life. Unfortunately, little Phillips witnessed the whole situation which also made his condition worse.

The Source of His Depression
It’s not easy to live with depression, especially the root is when your mother takes her own life before your eyes. Although Phillips did not have a good relationship with him, the news of him taking his own life made his entire world collapse. His friends were afraid he would take his own life like his mother had done when he was little. Phillips himself was also afraid that he could not fight depression and gave his children the same bad experience as when he was a child. He admitted that he felt helpless at some point, but he assured that he would not let depression take over his life.

It’s not easy for someone to talk about depression. But, Phillips dared to talk about the roots of his depression on his personal website, when his mother took his own life when he was in middle school.

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