Joseph C. Phillips' Marriage Ends in Divorce

Joseph C. Phillips’ Marriage Ends in Divorce: The Story of the Past from his Website

Joseph C. Phillips’ Marriage Ends in Divorce: The Story of the Past from his Website – After 23 years of marriage, Joseph C. Phillips and his wife officially divorced in January 2019. That was not an easy decision, especially when they had three children to take care of. The famous Corby Show actor talked deeply about it on his personal website.

Married life
Philips and Nicole were married in 1994 and from that marriage they had three children. There are Samuel, Ellis, and Connor. Throughout his career, his wife and children have always supported him. They seem to have a good married life without swirling gossip. But like the online gambling game at, there are still surprises.

End in divorce
Although the couple seemed to have a beautiful married life, sad news came in 2018 when his wife filed for divorce. Of course, the news shocked the whole country because there was no rumor between them. After a long divorce process, the judge granted his wishes and the couple officially divorced in January 2019.

Despite the sad news, the actor dared to talk about it on his official website. At first, he talked about the source of his depression which led to his divorce, the day his mother took his own life. His life was not easy after that incident and he has struggled with depression ever since.

He acknowledged that his married life was not always easy. Even after their honeymoon, they began to struggle to save their marriage. They come to different marriage advisors and the problem causes new problems, his depression. His depression worsened when he worked at the General Hospital.

On the website, the actor talks about how the late John Ingle helped him get a good marriage counselor to save his marriage. Long story short, the actor agreed to meet with the marriage counselor and he was diagnosed with severe depression which is the main problem of marriage. If he wants to save the marriage, he must want to treat depression. That is not an easy decision because living with depression can be very difficult, especially when others know and start spreading negative rumors about it.

Phillips and Nicole were married in 1994 and they have three loving children. Their marriage was never easy and they faced many problems, only because he fought with his depression. Finally after trying to save their marriage through the help of marriage counselors, they ended their marriage in early 2019.

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