Sections of the Old and New Websites of Joseph C. Phillips

Sections of the Old and New Websites of Joseph C. Phillips – Joseph Connor Phillips is an American actor who blew the news at the beginning of the year with his divorce news. Along with the shocking news itself, his website becomes a spotlight. It is mainly because he tells about his private life through the website. Dare to check his website? These are what you will get.

Main Sections in the Website
If you are looking for Phillips’ website, you will get two different websites you can access, the old one and the new one. Both websites actually have similar sections, but the new one doesn’t have Olivia’s Dad section and the old one doesn’t have Speaker section. To know him better, let’s go through each section of both websites respectively.
• The End of Reason
This site isn’t exactly an online gambling site but it sure is fun too. The first section that appears on both websites is The End of Reason section. The themes brought in this section are quite different from the old website and the new one. The section on the old website mainly talks about his personal life, such as his marriage life, his late mother, and many more. In the new website, he mainly talks about his appearance in Cosby show.

• Olivia’s Daddy
This section only appears on the old website of him. Olivia’s Daddy itself refers to the name of his daughter in the sitcom, The Cosby Show. But, interestingly, he doesn’t talk about the character of the sitcom itself but talking about his personal life as at The End of Reason section of the new website.

• News
The News section of the new website, again, talks about his personal life, such as things you need to know about him and the like. But, it will be quite different if you visit the old website because you will see various news of the past.

• Videos
If you miss his acting in the Cosby show, you can see him again in the Video section of his websites. But, you will find nothing on the new website. The videos only exist on the old website of him. In this section, he makes comment about the past controversial issues through the videos.

Not only telling about his personal life, the actor shares various videos of him responding on current issues, cooking recipes, news, and many more. Although the website is not updated since a long time ago, this website is worth to visit if you want to learn more about the actor’s personal life.

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