A Very Brief Overview of Joseph C. Phillips’ Career

A Very Brief Overview of Joseph C. Phillips’ Career

Joseph C. Phillips may not be a household name despite the owner of that name is an actor. Phillips is a man who is also a writer and he is also famous for being a conservative Christian commentator. On the entertainment side, Phillips is perhaps known best for his role on The Cosby Show, the long-running NBC sitcom, as Martin Kendall and on the soap opera General Hospital as Justus Ward. His role on General Hospital brought him to being nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama in NAACP Image Awards three times in a row from 1997 through 1999.

Joseph C. Phillips began his career in 1985 when he starred in Search for Tomorrow as Cruiser McCulla. That same year he was cast in his first appearance as Darryl Marchamp in The Cosby Show for one episode. He guess starred on Hothouse in 1988 before making a second appearance on The Cosby Show as Lieutenant Martin Kendall in 1989. From that point to 1992, he was cast as a main actor on the show for 3 seasons (seasons 6-8). He began his stint on General Hospital in 1994 in a main cast capacity until 1998. Phillips also hosted a Soul Train episode in 1996.

He continued on making appearances on a variety of TV shows including 2 episodes on Las Vegas as Langley in 2004 and 2005, respectively. In 2010, he starred in a The Mentalist episode. Recently, he appeared in a recurring role a Mr. Davis in the widely popular Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. In addition to TV roles, Phillips also made a round in movie industry. In 1991, he appeared in Strictly Business as Waymon Tinsdale III. In 1998, he appeared in two features: as a supporting actor in A Fare to Remember and as Michael in Let’s Talk about Sex.

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