Movies Featuring Joseph C. Philips USA You Should Watch Soon!

Apart from The Cosby Show, Joseph C. Philips USA has played many other movies from various genres. What movies featuring him have you watched anyway? Or you haven’t watched any? You don’t know what to watch? Worry not! We have the list of movies featuring him below:

– 911 Nightmare
First of all, there is 911 Nightmare. This movie was directed by Craig Mose and written by Bryan Dick. Playing roles with Joseph were some other stars. They are Fiona Gubelmann, Scott Bailey, John Lee Ames, and many others. This movie was released in 2006 by using the genre of thriller. The original title of this movie is actually Dispatch.

This movie told a story about a 911 operator. The 911 operator was fired after making a mistake in giving a prank call. The prank call was not just a call. The prank call was unfortunately mistakenly done to a real murder. The operator indeed felt guilt. She then worked to find a killer before there would be another victim. While she was following her path to find who the killer was, she in fact ended up with discovering herself more.

– Boogie Town
Then there is Boogie Town movie that is released in 2012. Unlike the previous movie, this movie is in the genre of drama, action, and music. The movie was directed by Chris Stokes, written by Chris Stokes, and starred by Brenda Song, Marques Houston, Kat Graham, and of course Joseph C. Phillips.

Boogie Town is a movie telling a story about a modern day of West side Story for the generation of hip hop. This movie took place in the future version of New York City. In this movie, there was no violence and there wasn’t drug. What could be found in the movie was dance contests that were illegal. That occurred in the Boogie Town’s underground world.

Jay and Micha, the rival dancing crews’ leaders, acquired superpowers to take the contests to its new levels. Regardless of any animosity between those gangs, Micha fell in love with the beautiful sister of Jay, Natalie. Those two then became the future Romeo and Juliet.

There must be many more movies starring Joseph C. Philips USA. Go find those movies above and find out what Joseph could do apart from his role in the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show. By doing so you will see Joseph being someone different from what you usually watch in The Cosby Show.

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