What Joseph C. Phillips USA Says about Bill Cosby

If you the fans of Joseph C. Phillips USA, you may have bumped in his blog. At his blog Philips recalled so much about his admiration for Bill Cosby. He even said that Bill Cosby is his boyhood idol. Have you read some about it? If you haven’t, here is the summary to you:

– Joseph C. Phillips and His Admiration to Bill Cosby
At his blog, Philips has described his admiration toward the comedian. His admiration was completely written in a writing entitled Of Course Bill Cosby is Guiltyö. In the writing, Philips has said how much he respects the actor and how much he idolizes him, even before those two worked together for the show.

At his blog, Phillips wrote that Bill Cosby is his boyhood idol. Bill Cosbys influence on him is so real and profound. Bill Cosby is even the man Phillips aspires to be after his own father. Philips also thinks that he owes much of who he is to Bill Cosby so that the love idea seems to fall short of what he actually fells.

Furtherly said in the post, Phillips explained some of the reasons why he truly admires Bill Cosby. Bill was talented in jazz, educated, and he collected arts. Philips also said that Bill was kind, clever and also brilliant as he had imagined.

– Bill Cosbys Says of Point to Guilt
Apart from his admiration, Joseph also wrote another writings about Bill Cosbys guilt entitled Of Course Bill Cosby is guilty. It was written when the sex drama was happening and then Joseph started to realize that Bill had definitely drugged some women and also raped them.

Here is what Joseph wrote about Bills guilt:
ôBill sleeping around was a fact that, like, the air, seemed to just be. You didn’t have to see it or hear it to know that it existed. There was also the seeming unending parade of pretty young women that streamed through the studio.

With that writing, Philips seems to recall a certain moment shaking him after he ran to his female friend during the allegations of Cosby and after he decided to ask her whether anything weird has happened. The woman too spent time around Bill and saw Bill as a mentor.

No matter how much Joseph C. Philips USA admires Bill Cosby, he needs to accept the fact that his boyhood role also has his own guilt. Regardless of this guilt, it seems that Joseph remains idolizing Bill.

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