Joseph C. Philips USA Site Talking about Marriage Life

Besides his career biography, Joseph C. Philips USA site also talks out his marriage biography. It is mentioned that the fame of Joseph C. Philips of the Cosby Show has created new development. After being married for 23 years with Nicole Philips, the wife has filed for divorce.

– The Details of the Divorce
The news about the divorce of Joseph C. Philips and his wife, Nicole Philips, was spread since the court documents were being discovered by the news outlet. It was reported that the wife has filed for the divorce on July 19, 2018. After being confirmed, it was revealed that the reason for the divorce is due to the irreconcilable differences between them.

It is also mentioned that Nicole and Joseph C. Philips have been living separately more than 8 months. From the news, it was said that they have split since November 2017. And after some periods after the split, Nicole filed for divorced.

– The relationship of Joseph C. Philips and his Wife, Nicole Philips
It is mentioned that both of them, Joseph C. Philips and Nicole Philips, had been married since 1994. Unfortunately, there are no information in details about their first meeting and dating being exposed to public. From the marriage, they have three children, Connor, Ellis, and Samuel. From the court documents, it is revealed that Nicole has made special request to have the custody of their youngest son, Samuel, who is still considered as a minor.

There is also the request from Nicole to the court not to let her husband, Joseph C. Philips to claim any spousal supports. It remains unknown what happens in their marriage life until they need to take this step to end their marriage.

– About the Show
Besides talking about the marriage life, the also mentions about the role of Joseph C. Philips on the sitcom The Cosby Show. Here, he plays as Martin Kendall, US Navy Lieutenant, and also a husband of Denise Huxtable. The role of Denis Huxtable was played by Lisa Bonet. The Cosby Show was firstly aired from 1984 up to 1992 on NBC.

During its long run, The Cosby Show has made it into 8 seasons. In general, The Cosby Show is the life story of the upper middle class of the African American family who has been staying in Brooklyn, New York.

So, besides talking about the biography, Joseph C. Philips USA site is also talking about his marriage life which is quite unfortunate to happen. But, hey, it’s life!

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