What You Need to Know about Joseph C. Philips USA Site

If you are the fans of the sitcom The Cosby Show, you must be familiar with Martin Kendall. This role was played by Joseph Connor Philips. He was born on January 17, 1962. Besides being an actor, he was also a writer and a Christian commentator. If you want to know more about him, let’s see Joseph C. Philips USA site which writes his biography in details.

– Personal Life
The first thing that is mentioned on USA site of Joseph C. Philips was his personal information. Here, you will see that he was born in Denver, Colorado, USA under the name of Joseph Connor Philips. He has been married since 1994 with Nicole Philips. From their marriage, they are blessed with three children.

– Career
The general information that you can find on the USA site of Joseph C. Philips is about his career life.
During his career, he has portrayed the character of Martin Kendal, a U.S Navy Lieutenant on the Cosby Show, the well known long-running NBC sitcom. Besides his role in sitcom the Cosby Show from 1989 up to 1991, Joseph C. Philips was also best known for his role on General Hospital, a soap opera, as Justus Ward from 1994 up to 1998. He was also playing in the movies, Vanished (2006) and also Boogie Town (2012).

Besides being involved in several movies, he also became the guest political commentator on the program called News and Notes which were aired on most NPR radio stations during the year of 2004 and 2009.

– Education
Information written on the sites is about the educational background of Joseph C. Philips. He was attending a communications major at University of the Pacific. But, then, he transferred to New York University as an acting conservatory major. There, he graduated holding a BFA in acting around the year of 1983.

In the sites of the biography of Joseph C. Philips, you can also find some information about his associations. It is mentioned that Joseph C. Philips is one of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members. He also becomes the ambassador of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. As its ambassador, Joseph C. Philips has spoken about the Sickle Cell Disease extensively especially on the effect of this disease on the family.

On the bibliography of Joseph C. Philips, you can also find the information about his filmography, awards and nominations. These are some information that you can find on Joseph C. Philips USA site.

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