Another Side of Joseph C. Philips You Barely Know

Who doesn’t know Joseph C. Philips? This American actor is so well known through a lot of his filmography and many other activities he involves in. Most of people in the world may know Philips from The Cosby Show. But, there are still many facts about Philips people barely know. Find them out below:

– Philip’s Education and Association
Little do people know the education background. Phillips is actually a member of the fraternity of Alpha Phi Alpha. He once attended the University of the Pacific, majoring in communications. Yet, he then transferred to New York University to learn about acting conservatory. From this university, he graduated in 1983 with BFA in acting.

Another fact about Philips that is less known is that he is the ambassador of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. Through his ambassador role, he has widely spoken about that particular disease along with the effect on family. In addition to being an ambassador, he is also member of American Federation of Television and Radio Artist, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and Actors Equity Association.

In the past, he was a part of the African American Advisory Board of Republican National Committee. His role at the advisory board was entrusted to him since he was appointed by the board’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some years later, in 2005 to be exact, he was named as a 2005 Claremont Institute LincoIn Fellow.

– Philips’ Conservative Activism
Another side of Philips that you also barely know is his conservative activism. Philips is a conservative Repbulican. He is a radio and television commentator who weekly writes syndicated column. Through that column, he tries to promote conservative views like limited government, traditional family values, and the return to the founding principles of America.

Besides, Philips has also been a critic for same-sex marriage in the US and affirmative action. He also writes books. One of the books that reflects his real thought on the spirit he always talks about is “He Talk Like a White Boy”. While he is so busy with his filmography, he still dedicates some of his times to other activities that can voice his mind.

Joseph C. Philips is more than just an actor you once showed in the sitcom. He is an activist, speaker, commentator, and a writer. He has many sides that are interesting to know. So, which fact of Philips you like the most?

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