Unique Facts about Joseph C. Philips USA

Joseph C. Philips was widely known by the society from his role in The Cosby Show from 1989 – 1991. Besides, he even became more well-known from his role as a guest political commentator on many radio stations around one decade ago. There are just lots of unique facts about Philips. Yet, have you known the following:

– Net Worth
One of the unique facts about Philips that is interesting to know is his net worth. It surely triggers our curiosity as he has made appearance on a lot of filmography and many other activities as an activist. So, what is the net worth of Philips?

Philip in 2018 is said to have net worth of $1 Million, it is up from his 2017’s net worth of $1 Million. This net worth comes from the estimation of his salary, earnings, and income in 2017 – 2018. Another internet source also talked about his net worth. Net Worth Post even stated that Philips’ net worth reach the number of $1.2 Million.

– Awards
Second of all, another unique fact about Philips is his awards. During his career, he has been granted some awards as his role in some movies. In 1997, his work in General Hospital was nominated in the NAACP Image Awards as one of the Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series.In the following 2 years, in 1998 and 1999, his work in General Hospital was also nominated again the NAACP Image Awards as one of the Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series.

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– Personal Life
Now, it is his personal life time! When he was young, he had to accept the fact that his mother died. After that time, because of the absence of mother role, he got close to one of his cousin’s mother. His cousin was Duane Evans.

Philips is originally from Colorado. From his marriage with his wife, Nicole, he has three sons named Samuel, Ellis, and Conner. In 2006, Philips published He Talk Like A White Boy, his autobiography that included a foreword written by Tavis Smiley. What is so unique from his personal life? He is a lover of Western films and cooking!

Joseph C. Philips has so many other unique facts. Not only is it about his role in filmography and in his activities as an activist, it’s also about his achievement covering awards and net worth as well as the facts about his personal life.

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